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Lever and pedal harp lessons for all ages and levels! Gloria is available as teacher for preparatory music, music education, ear training, vocal technique, music history and music theory. She offers private or group lessons in Italian, English and Spanish.

During her studies, Gloria had the opportunity to deepen her knowledge and skills in didactic subjects such as general teaching, pedagogy, anthropology, sociology and educational sciences. She has experience with preschool and school age children as well as adults.
Her main desire is to bring people closer to the world of the harp, a little known instrument that many have probably only heard about without ever having any direct experience. Her goal as a teacher is to foster a positive and active environment through interactive programs aimed to help students’ learn.

Lessons For Begginers

Arpissima 2016 - La Spezia (Italy)

La Scuola All'Opera


Preparatory Music